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Chinese Language Department

Chinese Language Department


  • To raise pupils’ awareness and knowledge of Chinese culture and tradition.
  • To instill interest and love in the Chinese Language.
  • To promote reading and to enhance Chinese Language literacy.
  • To enhance pupil’s oral, listening and writing skills.


  • Show & Tell (P1-P2)
  • Chinese Language Learning Support Programme (P1 & P2)
  • Microsoft Word Chinese Typing Lesson (P3)
  • iMTL Portal Programme (P4 & P5)
  • Learning Journey to Chinatown Heritage Centre (P4)
  • Tea Appreciation Workshop (P5HCL & P6HCL)
  • Cultural Immersion & Exchange Programme to Sacred Heart Canossian School, Hong Kong (P5HCL)
  • Guided Reading Programme (P1-P6)
  • iPad Learning Package (P1-P6)
  • Chinese-in-daily-life Programme (P1-P6)
  • Pump Up Your Chinese Programme (P6)


  • Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Mother Tongue Library Week
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight
  • HYPY Workshop for P1 Parents
  • PSLE Reading Comprehension Workshop for P5/P6 Parents
  • Guided Reading Workshop for P1 Parents
  • Parent-Child Storytelling Competition (P1- P3)



  • P1 & P2 Hanyu Pinyin
  • P1 – P6 Pen Calligraphy
  • P1 – P6 Creative Colouring for Mid-autumn
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