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InfoComm Technology Department

InfoComm Technology Department

ICT in classrooms is essential as it better prepares our current generation of pupils for a workplace where ICTs are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Therefore, in SACPS, we integrate ICT in the curriculum, focusing on learning about, with and through technology. Through this, we hope to increase our pupils’ motivation and engagementlevel and facilitate their acquisition of basic ICT skills, hence enhancing the quality of their learning. Appropriate ICT activities have been planned within each subject to promote the shift to a learner-centred environment that will empower our pupils for lifelong learning.

Although we are living in a rapidly changing technology world, the department makes an extra effort to ensure that the learning objectives drive the technology choice. Since 2009, the school has been wireless-enabled so as to create avenues for online learning anywhere within the school premises. This is further enhanced with the implementationof mobile labs. We are also blessed with the following facilities for a more vibrant ICT environment to conduct engaging ICT-based lessons:-

  1. 3 Full Networked Labs with Printers
  2. 1 Innovation Room
  3. 4 Apple iMacs
  4. 3 iPad Mobile Racks with a total of 140 iPads
  5. Visualiser and projector in each classroom
  6. 4 mobile labs (20 laptops each)
  7. 1 mini Recording Studio

With our eLearning platform, MC Online by Marshall Carvendish, our teachers and pupils have a wealth of learning materials in almost every subject and in a variety of media. It can be accessed anywhere and anytime with a valid account. The school also leverages on the portal to conduct eLearning exercises. Each term, we conduct an eLEarning exercise for almost all levels. It provides pupils with the experience of learning independently using the resources posted by the subject teachers. The labs are opened especially for those without computer and internet access at home to allow maximum participation.

The school harnesses the IPod Touch/iPad technology to create and customize interesting and engaging lesson resources using various Applications which are relevant to various subjects. These lesson resources are organized into lesson packages which teachers use with effective pedagogies to engage pupils in self-directed or collaborative learning. Teaching and learning of the new topics become more exciting and meaningful for both teachers and pupils.


  • Infusion of ICT into other subjects within curriculum
  • iLearn Packages
  • iTrail (At the Zoo)
  • ICT-Integrated Project Work (P3 and P4)
  • ICT Mentor Programme
  • Cyber Wellness Programme



  • IT’s Fun Club (Modular for P2)
  • Infocomm & Photography Club (P3 to P6)
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