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Malay Department

Malay Department


  • To instil interest and passion in the learning of the Malay Language.
  • To enrich pupils’ knowledge of the Malay Language and culture through Malay Cultural Camp and learning journeys.
  • To enhance teachers’ teaching competencies through professional sharing sessions, peer coaching, action research and lesson studies.

Programmes And Activities 2014:

Extensive Reading Programme P1 – P6
MT Library Week P1 – P6
Show and Tell P1
Readers Theatre P3
MTL Fortnight Activities P1 – P6
Cultural and Language Camp P3 & P4 (Selected pupils)
TL Learning Journeys

  1. Singapore Zoological Garden
  2. Learning Journey at Little India
  3. Bedok Library
  4. Overseas Learning Journey to Sarawak
  1. P2
  2. P4
  3. P1 & P2
  4. P5
TL Bookfairs P1 – P6
TL Supplementary Lessons P5 – P6
TL Remedial Lesson P3 – P4
TL Support Reading Programme P1 – P2


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