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School Badge

School Badge

Our school badge is meant for all Canossian Schools. On a dark-blue background there shines a four-pointed star with rays cast on to a book symbolizing the Star of wisdom radiating on Knowledge.

The star is a symbol of lofty ideas stirring a person to great and noble deeds.
The star represents four basic social virtues – Truth, Justice, Love and Freedom

Sincerity in words and deeds, simplicity, straightforwardness.

Honesty, fairness, respect for the right of others.

We are the children of the same Father in heaven.
Hence, readiness to help and share with others.

Mutual tolerance and consideration for the principles of others.

The Crown above the crest symbolises the supremacy of God over all and All for the Glory of God.

On the crest is the motto for all Canossian School – VIA VERITAS VITA.



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