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School Rules

School Rules

Our school rules describe how a pupil of St Anthony’s Canossian Primary behaves. Our school believes in positive discipline. Pupils are to adhere to school rules at all times while they are in school. To be truly Canossian, our pupils must learn to respect for self, school and nation.

Respect for self

1.  Dress code

(1.1) Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform.   Modification to the uniform is not allowed.

(1.2) Pupils are expected to be attired in white canvas shoes with white socks covering the ankle.

(1.3) Pupils are to wear their house T-shirt on PE days.  Attire must be neatly tucked in.

(1.4) Pupils should be neat and tidy at all times. Hair accessories must be plain and simple and restricted to blue, black or white only.

(1.5) Pupils are to ensure that their hair should not be coloured and fringe should be above eyebrows.

(1.6) Pupils are expected to tie up their hair once it reaches shoulder length.

(1.7) Pupils are to keep finger nails short and clean. Pupils are not allowed to apply nail polish on their fingernails.

2. Accessories

(2.1) Pupils are to ensure that only one small ear stud is allowed on each ear.

(2.2) Pupils are not allowed to put on fanciful, brightly coloured dangling earrings.

3. Daily work, homework and assignment

(3.1) Pupils are to take pride in their work.

(3.2) Pupils are required to hand in homework and assignments on time as stated by the teacher.

4. Forgery

(4.1) Pupils must not change any information on official documents or forging a parent’s, guardian’s signature. Forgery is a serious offence.

5. Punctuality

(5.1) Pupils must be in the assembly area by 7.25 a.m. (5.2) Pupils must be punctual for all lessons. CCA and other school programmes. 6. Attendance (6.1) Pupils must attend school regularly. (6.2) Pupils must present a valid medical certificate or valid document when absent from school.

7. Integrity

(7.1) Cheating in examinations is a serious offence. Pupils must be honest at all times. Pupils must not cheat in daily work, examinations or tests.

Respect for teachers, other adults and fellow schoolmates

8. Behaviour

(8.1) Pupils must be courteous at all times to their teachers, adults and fellow schoolmates.

(8.2) Pupils must not bully anyone at all times. Bullying also includes cyber bullying, emotional and physical bullying.

(8.3) Pupils must be in their best behaviour at all times.

9. Mobile Phone Policy

(9.1) Pupils must seek permission from the Discipline Mistress before bringing their mobile phones.

(9.2) Pupils must adhere to the rules of bringing mobile phones. Failing to adhere to the rules may result in them facing disciplinary act.

Respect for Nation

10. National Anthem and Pledge

(10.1) Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and say the pledge.

(10.2) Pupils must be respectful in their observations of flag-rising, flag-lowering and other school ceremonies.

(10.3) Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart.

(10.4) Pupils must be in respectful at prayer time.

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