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Tamil Department

Tamil Department


  • To instill love and appreciation for the Tamil language, arts and culture.
  • To create a platform for students of different races to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the Indian community in Singapore.
  • To nurture students’ Cultural Intelligence such as Global Awareness, Cross- Cultural Skills and Sensitivities through authentic, engaging and fun hands-on activities.

Programmes And Activities 2021:

Extensive Reading Programme P1 – P6
MTL Library Week P1 – P6
Show and Tell P1-P2
Readers Theatre P3-P4
Problem-Based Assessment (PBA) P5-P6
MTL Fortnight Activities P1 – P6
Cultural and Language Camp P3 & P4 (Selected Students)
MTL Learning Journeys (Cultural Immersion Programme)

  1. Virtual Learning Journey to Kampong Glam (P3)
  2. Virtual Learning Journey to Chinatown (P4)
P3 & P4
Deepavali Concert Celebration P1-P6
TL  Enhanced Learning Programme (ELP) P5 – P6
TL Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTSP) P3 (Selected Students)
Displaying of Students’ Work at the Mother Tongue Learning Wall

(MTL Wall)

Internal and External TL Related Competitions P1-P5

Tamil Education

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